strategies to grow your Instagram followers

1. Prettify Your Instagram Feed

Have you ever noticed how pictures in successful Instagram feeds all fit into a theme, have the same look and general the same aesthetic?

To set this up is not as difficult as it might seem, though it takes a bit of planning.

Step 1: Figure out what you like

Take a look at who you follow on Instagram. Who are your favorite users? Take a scroll through the main feed and see what pops out at you. Do you enjoy color? Do you prefer muted tones? This will help you decide on an overall aesthetic for your Instagram feed.

Step 2: Plan ahead

Want to know the secret to a perfectly styled Instagram? Planning. Many Instagrammer take dozens of photos during one “shoot” and then use them throughout the week.

Not only does having all of your images pre-planned help to maintain consistency, but it makes it easier for you when life gets hectic during the week.

Step 3: Give your images one consistent look

In order to maintain consistent branding, consider either picking a filter and just using that one, or using no filter at all. Be consistent and pick one look.

My favorite tool to edit all my images using the same individual filter is (yes, I edit my images on my Mac). Other great tools are the apps Afterlight, VSCO and ColorStory (they are all available in the App Store).

2. Post Meaningful Content

Being a successful Insta-Yogi does not mean that you have to only post pictures doing advanced yoga poses (unless you want to).

Instead post pictures with a purpose. You want your feed to be pretty AND have substance.

Don’t be too perfect! Show the real You – the behind-the-scenes to the „perfect“ poses everybody sees on Instagram all the time.

Be real in your descriptions and keep them relevant. Posting a photo of handstand and a Rumi quote has been done too many times.

Don’t be afraid to mention your products, services and blog posts regularly – how else will people know what you are about?

You want to use Instagram as a way to bring people to your website and your email list. If you just post pretty pictures without talking about what you are offering, you loose out on the chance to connect with new potential customers who are eager to come to your workshops, retreats or buy from you.

3. Be Consistent

If you are serious about growing your Instagram followers, you have to be consistent and post regularly.

I recommend to post 1 to 2 pictures a day, for example morning and evening and only post one image at a time, don’t spam your followers.

Instagram doesn’t offer scheduling options yet in their native app, you have to post in real time using your phone or use a scheduling tool from a third party.

It’s best to post at a time when many of your followers are online, but don’t overthink it – I always post when it works for me.

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